Ensuring the safety of our work sites is the most important service we provide, not only to our clients but also to our employees, contractors and the public in around our active sites. For our clients, incident-free sites increase quality and productivity.

For our employees, contractors and public, safety is as simple, and as paramount, as ensuring their health and well-being. Given this important responsibility, we set a higher standard for safety excellence than that required by the letter of the law.

Policy Objectives:

We will, so far as is reasonable practicable:

1. Establish safe and environmentally acceptable working practices throughout the company's operations.
2. Provide a safe and healthy workplace and avoid damage to property and the environment.
3. Prevent all injuries at the workplace.
4. Develop a high degree of safety and environmental awareness amongst all staff.
5. Provide employees with the required skills and support to meet the company's commitment to health, safety and the environment.
6. Ensure that contractors working on the company's behalf implement comparable standards.
7. Seek continual improvement in our efficient use of environmentally friendly products, hereby minimizing emissions and also reducing waste.
8. Provide competent advice to all management on health, safety and environmental matters and the means to monitor performance.
9. Assess risk, evaluate and monitor as an ongoing process.


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